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"Most people ignore most poetry becuase most poetry ignores most people"                     - Adrian Mitchell.

Welcome to my virtual page. I attempted to put my favourite subjects here. Hope you will enjoy my efforts !! 

All links are yet to get updated - please visit shortly............Thanks !!

images\mrose1.gif (3170 bytes)Otherside of poetry - English

Emotional lines scribbled for a cause - Other poetic angle.

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In pursuit of Truth and spiritual excellence -  philosophy.

images\leaf2s.gif (3764 bytes)Other angle in poetry - Telugu  

Emotional lines scribbled for a cause - Other poetic angle.

images\treepromo.jpg (41731 bytes)Family link

Life network to link people from past and future

images\mango.gif (4455 bytes)Culture

Articles on culture

Favourite links

Links - those deserve atleast a visit.


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