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"Religion is realization, not talk, nor doctrine, nor theories however beautiful they may be, it is being and becoming, not hearing and acknowledging, it is the whole soul becoming what it believes, That is Religion"                     - Swami Vivekananda.

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Thanks for visiting my site. I started this site to upload my devotional lyrics and poetry. Hope you will enjoy my work !! 

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Devotional poetry and lyrics in praise of  Lord Venkateswara

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Gaana kusumalu 

Gaana Kusumaalu now available on Audio Cassettes Click here to listen: (Coming Soon....!)

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Acknowledgements :  This site uses Telugulipi software by Sirigina Srinivas.Please visit   Most of the devotional credit  goes to my wife Madhuri for her support and encouragement throughout. A special note goes to my family members and friends stood by me.

Audio Acknowdgements: My Music Composers - Mr.Viswanath and Mr.N V Parthasarathy for encouraging and delivering excellent Audio classics for the devotional lyrics. I sincerely bow to all the Singers - including Sri.S.P.Balasubrahmanyam for their gracious support on the project. 

Disclaimer :  This is a non-commercial website and most of the graphics are re-used from internet. I am not aware of    any copyrights           .If you feel or see any violation please let me know.

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